Salzburger Almenweg

Stage 5

Meislsteinalm (Hike up from Goldegg/Weng) - Railway station in Lend

Starting point: Hike up from Goldegg/Weng
Arrival point: Railway station in Lend
Lowest / highest point: 609 m / 1269 m
Altitude: approx. 330 m
Length: approx. 7 km
Walking time: approx. 2.5 Hours

Stage 5

"From mountain to lake""


The Almenweg can be reached by hiking up from Weng. Making a modest climb along the supply
road, past the Hochploin farmstead, after approx. one kilometer a freshly paved path (posted as a
private path) branches off and down to a farm. It makes a right at the bottom and continues up a
forest path. After approx. 250 m, a footpath branches off to the left.

After a short distance this leaves the forest, passes a farm hut and continues up to the Meislsteinalm (highest point of this stage). Now comes a supply road, taking us past the Hackeralm, in long switchbacks down to the idyllically situated Böndlsee (where you can swim, if you wish). At the last curve prior to the path joining the road to Weng, a footpath branches off and almost circles the lake. The route takes us past the entrance for the outdoor pool and past Gasthof Seeblick to the road for Goldegg-Weng – or we take a right and make our way down to Lend. In this case, we climb slightly uphill on our way to the Schlacher. After another 300 m, we continue along a road, narrow in parts, steadily downhill to Lend and the railway station.

Sights & destinations

Schloss Goldegg incl. Pongau Heritage Museum

Accommodations & stops

Meislsteinalm: early May - late Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)664 3009820
Mai bis 26. Oktober

Von 9.00 Uhr - 18.00 Uhr

Montag & Dienstag Ruhetag

Hackeralm: early Jun. - late Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)664 124 8919
Juni & Oktober – nur an den Wochenenden geöffnet (Fr, Sa, So)
Küche von 10.30 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr

Juli, August, September - Mo, Di, Fr, Sa, So geöffnet

Mittwoch & Donnerstag Ruhetag

alternative Telefonnummer: +43 (0)664 381 3345
Ferienhaus Pesbichl: open all year Tel.: +43 (0)664 6360740
Hotel Seeblick****: open all year Tel.: +43 (0)6416 7312
Gasthof Pesbichl: open all year Tel.: +43 (0)6416 7314
Haus Höllwart: open all year Tel.: +43 (0)664 73453 301
Haus Unterdorf: open all year Tel.: +43 (0)664 5477415
The ideal shoe for this tour:
for women
* recommended by LOWA
altitude chart stage 5 salzburger almenweg
Contact & information:

Goldegg Tourist Office
Tel.: +43 (0)6415 8131

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