Salzburger Almenweg

Stage 20

Kogelalm - Flachau

Starting point: Kogelalm (ride the Flying Mozart lift up)
Arrival point: Flachau
Lowest / highest point: 905 m / 1850 m
Altitude: approx. 10 m
Length: approx. 7.5 km
Characteristics: Across wide-open ski slopes and high-alpine forests
Walking time: approx. 2 Hours

Stage 20

"Down the ski slopes"


The Flying Mozart lift (runs in summer) gives us an easy way to reach our starting point.
This hike takes us primarily across the ski area, past numerous mountain inns including the Latschenhof, Jandlalm and the Waldgasthof. From the Latschenhof there is also an opportunity to ride the lift back down to the valley.

Time and time again, we will cross the supply road which cuts across the ski slopes. Once we reach the Waldgasthof, we will continue along the forest’s edge down to the Neureithweg, following this for around 200 meters before making a left into a closed high forest. The footpath makes a moderately steep descent through the forest, until we come to the forest path shortly before the town of Flachau. This will now take us to the Griessenkarweg, which will, in its turn, bring us into Flachau.

Sights & destinations

Waggerl Haus museum
Farm museum "Edelweissalm"
Adventure Indoor Pool "Wasserwelt Wagrain"
WAGRAINi's Grafenberg
Silent Night museum in the Pflegerschlössl

Hermann Maier Shop
"Lucky Flitzer" all-weather alpine coaster
Theme Trail: "Water moves"

Accommodations & stops

Kogelalm: Jun. - Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)6413 8582
Öffnungszeiten siehe" Flying Mozart" Bergbahn
Latschenhof: mid Jun. - early Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)06457 2576
Dienstag Ruhetag (Thuesday closed)
Jandlalm: mid Jun. - early Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)6457 2577
Mittwoch Ruhetag (Wednesday closed)
Hofalm: mid Jun. - early Oct. Tel.: Tel.: +43 (0)6457 2332
Montag Ruhetag (Monday closed)
Waldgasthof: mid Jun. - mid Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)6457 2328
Pfeiffeialm: early Jul. - mid Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)6457 33551
Montag + Dienstag Ruhetag (Monday + Tuesday closed)
The ideal shoe for this tour:
for kids
* recommended by LOWA
Contact & information:

Flachau Tourist Office
Tel.: +43 (0)6457 2214

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