Salzburger Almenweg

Stage 19

Kleinarl - Kogelalm

Starting point: Kleinarl
Arrival point: Kogelalm (Flying Mozart summit terminal)
Lowest / highest point: 1014 m / 2010 m
Altitude: approx. 1450 m
Length: approx. 13 km
Characteristics: Continuous uphill hike to the Steinkaralm, followed by an alpine path
Walking time: approx. 5.5 Hours

Stage 19

"Scenic alpine hike"


From the tourist office, the route takes us a short distance uphill along the main road, before branching left into the Kreuzsalgasse at the church beyond Restaurant - Cafe Olympia. The trail continues steadily uphill and, after about 500 meters, turns right onto the Steineggweg, which will lead us to the Ennskraxn café.

This is where the supply road ends. There now follows a beautiful forest path, taking us through the Steinkargraben and reaching a forestry road in about 1 km. We will only be on this road for a matter of meters, before we take a right back into the forest. The larch forest becomes ever sparser and we are able to see the Ennskraxn. Once again back on the forestry road, it’s now just a short distance to the Steinkaralm.

The supply road becomes narrower and narrower, until finally ending beneath the saddle (elev. 1,832 m). It’s now just a short stretch and we’ll reach the high ridge which the Almenweg follows to the end of this stage (superb views in all directions along this segment). We can already pick out our next refreshment opportunity, the Weissenhofalm.

We now continue without any major climbs, past the Wildbühel and Mooskopf to the summit station of the Kleinarl mountain lifts.
The Almenweg, however, runs past the lift, then somewhat downhill along a supply road to the Frauenalmsattel. At this point a steep trail branches off uphill to the left and circles the Ahornkarkopf until it comes to a trail fork. We then continue via the Saukarkopf and Saukarfunktel to the summit station of the "Top Liner" chair lift (runs only in winter / the flat Bettlersteig is less strenuous).

At the summit station of the chair lift, there is an option to make our way via the Griessenkareck to the summit station of the "Flying Mozart", or continue via the alpine cirque and past the Wagrainer Haus. Shortly beforehand, the trail makes a right and takes a broad arc, climbing gently to the Kogelalm. The descent to Wagrain can be made on the "Flying Mozart" lift (closed in summer 2020), while we can make our way down to Flachau by lift (likewise with a summer schedule) as well.

Sights & destinations

Café Olympia owned by Olympic and World Cup Champion Annemarie Moser-Pröll

Waggerl Haus museum
Farm museum "Edelweissalm"
Adventure Indoor Pool "Wasserwelt Wagrain"
WAGRAINi's Grafenberg
Silent Night museum in the Pflegerschlössl

Hermann Maier Shop,
Summer alpine slide

Accommodations & stops

Steinkaralm: Jun. - Sep. Tel.: +43 (0)664 3820065
Weißenhofalm: early Jun. - early Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)664 5504925
Alternative Telefonnummer: +43 (0)6418 229
Wagrainer Haus****: Jun. - Sep. Tel.: +43 (0)6413 8253
Kogelalm: Jun. - Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)6413 8582
Öffnungszeiten siehe" Flying Mozart" Bergbahn
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Contact & information:

Wagrain Kleinarl Tourist Office
Tel.: +43 (0)6413 8448

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