Salzburger Almenweg

Stage 15

Hüttschlag - Draugsteinalmen

Starting point: Hüttschlag
Arrival point: Draugsteinalmen
Lowest / highest point: 995 m / 2145 m
Altitude: approx. 1720 m
Length: approx. 16 km
Characteristics: Strenuous tour starting out at 1,000 m elev. with 2 passes to cross at ca. 2,100 m
Walking time: approx. 7.5 Hours

Stage 15

"Scenic experiences high above the Tappenkarsee"


Leaving from Hüttschlag, you’ll head out on one of the two roads (depending on where you'll spend the night) which lead into the valley and to the Wolfau. Making your way through Wolfau, past the sports grounds (to the right, it’s possible to take a short detour to the Wolfau Chapel and the Wolfau Waterfalls), you’ll stick to the town road until intersects with the main road, at which point we’ll head up the footpath to the right, this eventually feeding into a forestry path, before returning back down to the main road in Karteis.

Before the road in Karteis forks, a footpath branches off to the left between the houses and leads to Oberstein (farmstead well worth a visit, beautiful views of the valley). Below Mühlegg, you will follow the footpath to the right and down into the Karteisgraben, on the other side of which you will come to a supply road.

After about 0.5 km, and after the Hallmoosalm car park, the Almenweg branches off to the right, making its way uphill to the Karteisalm (not staffed). The path which goes straight would take us to the two Draugsteinalmen, which you can reach from here in about a 1.5-hour walk. From the Karteisalm, you now continue along the Almenweg to the Karteistörl, passing through enchanting, open countryside, the ground here covered with shrubs and larch. As of the Törl, the most beautiful stretch of this stage now begins, taking us down to the Tappenkarseehütte, Tappenkarsee and Tappenkarseealm.

The ascent from the lake up to the Draugsteintörl is at first very steep, though it then becomes flatter, only to become steeper yet again just before the Törl. From the Draugsteintörl we now make our way downhill along the flanks of the Draugstein – past the turn-off to the Filzmoossattel and continuing towards the valley and the two Draugsteinalmen, located approximately 110 vertical meters beneath the last junction.

If you got a later start, or simply want to enjoy the superb alpine panoramas and the Tappenkarsee a little longer, you can always spend the night at the Tappenkarseehütte. Alternatively, it’s also possible to shorten the tour by about 1 hour by, rather than dropping down to the Tappenkarsee, opting instead to take a ridge hike from the Karteistörl to the Draugsteintörl. In so doing, you cut out an ascent/descent of around 300 vertical meters, yet can still enjoy the fantastic mountain panoramas and views of the Tappenkarsee.

Sights & destinations

If you make your way from the Karteistörl a little way along the ridgeline to the south, you will reach the summit of the Kreuzeck in about 10 minutes, elev. 2,204 m with magnificent views of the Hohe Tauern and Glettnalm.

Accommodations & stops

Tappenkarseehütte: early Jun. - late Sep. Tel.: +43 (0)664 5793178
Tappenkarseealm: Jun. - early Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)676 3409923
Geöffnet je nach Witterung
Draugsteinalm - Steinmannhütte: mid Jun. - late Sep. Tel.: +43 (0)6417 265
Draugsteinalm - Schrambachhütte: mid Jun. - late Sep. Tel.: +43 (0)664 7670 652
Übernachtung DO - SA, rooms from Thursday to Sunday
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Contact & information:

Großarltal Tourist Office
Tel.: +43 (0)6414 281

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