Salzburger Almenweg

Stage 29

Hofpürglhütte - St. Martin

Starting point: Hofpürglhütte
Arrival point: St. Martin
Lowest / highest point: 949 m / 1728 m
Altitude: approx. 970 m
Length: approx. 21 km
Characteristics: Alpine trails and narrow hiking paths, some forest paths
Walking time: approx. 9 Hours

Stage 29

"The Gerzkopf, a mountain woven in legend"


Ascent via the Hofalm or Aualm to the Hofpürglhütte, from which point we will follow the Austriaweg to the west. After 2.5 km on this high trail we will descend to the Sulzkaralm. Now we follow the access road for around 500 meters, subsequently taking a shortcut down a footpath.

This will once again meet up with the access road, taking us down the hill to the Arzbergalm. Shortly before the rather dilapidated Arzbergalm, we will branch off to the right, then immediately take the footpath (up and to the left) towards the forest (important: several trails radiate out from this crossing).

A forestry road begins after about 700 meters, from which we turn off at the next crossing and head up towards the Langeggsattel. Once we are at the top, we will come to a trailside altar and, another 20 meters further along, a religious icon attached to a tree. Now we begin the more strenuous portion of this stage with a climb up to the Gsengplatte and the Gerzkopf. But this climb affords us some magnificent views that are truly not to be missed.

From the relatively flat Gsengplatte, we now descend to the Schäferhütte. After not quite 200 meters, we branch off to the right and up to the Gerzkopf (make sure you don’t miss this turn-off, otherwise you will find yourself heading downhill once again). After passing the high moors known as the "Schwarze Lacken" and making our way through occasionally dense groves of mountain pine, we will finally reach the summit.

The descent from the Gerzkopf, leading us in a westerly direction, is no less beautiful, taking us across the St. Martiner Platte through a fairytale forest, with its old, turnip-shaped spruce trees, to the Hüttlboden. Hikers are often likely to encounter sheep, driven up there in springtime by local farmers.

Passing through a wooded area featuring numerous ant hills, the path takes us past two old hunters' refuge huts to the Höllbrand. From this small private hut, we enjoy marvelous views out over the village of St. Martin including its hugely successful lakeside park, the Ostermais beyond it and, last but not least, the mighty Tennengebirge range, towering high above everything else. After a few more minutes, the Höllalm invites us to take a break and recharge our batteries. After hiking downhill for another half an hour, we will finally reach the town center of St. Martin am Tennengebirge, a community famous for its boundless opportunities for fun-filled outdoor activities.

Sights & destinations

Tauern Road Museum
Eben Lake Resort

St. Martin am Tennengebirge:
Emperor Franz Josef Memorial Stone
Lake Park,
Lammertal Forest,
Self-guided Tree Trail
Gothic parish church

Accommodations & stops

Hofpürglhütte: late May - early Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)6453 8304
Alternative Telefonnummer/Alternative tel. no.: +43 (0)676 3718566
Sulzkaralm: May - Sep. Tel.: +43 (0)6453 8516
Höllalm: open all year Tel.: +43 (0)6463 7405
Pension Buttermilchalm: May - Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)6463 7279
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Filzmoos Tourist Office & bus
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