Salzburger Almenweg

Stage 2.3

Erichhütte - Dienten - Schneebergsattel

Starting point: Erichhütte
Arrival point: Schneebergsattel
Lowest / highest point: 1150 m / 1800 m
Altitude: approx. 500 m
Length: approx. 11.5 km
Characteristics: A gentle climb, initially a forestry road, then across alpine pastures
Walking time: approx. 4 Hours

Stage 2.3

"The legendary Hochkönig"


From the Erichhütte (path Nos. 436/401A) we make our way downhill to the trail fork, taking paths 66, 65, 65c to Hotel Übergossene Alm. We now hike down the main road for about 300 m, coming to a turn-off to our right leading to Liebenau-Bürglalm-Sunnhüttl.

We initially have a gentle climb along a forestry road, but then hike across alpine pastures (paths 64, 64a & 63). From the Sunnhüttl we continue via path No. 76 past the Klausalm cross to the Schneebergsattel, where we now rejoin the main Almenweg route.

Sights & destinations

Farm museum with mill at the mountain tavern "Grünegg", Bockkluft Nature Trail,   "The Golden Wagon"- tour to the Bürglalm, TEH-adventure herb mountain hut "Zachhofalm"

Accommodations & stops

Bürglalm: Jun. - Oct. Tel.: +43 (0)6461 380
Alternative Telefonnummer: +43 (0)6461 426
Zachhofalm: Jun. - Sep. Tel.: +43 (0)664 925 13 97
Erichhütte: mid May - mid Nov. Tel.: +43 (0)664 2643553
Contact & information:

Dienten/Hkg. Tourist Office & bus
Tel.: +43 (0)6584 20388 30

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