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Werfenweng lies about 40 km south of the provincial capital, Salzburg, at the head of a beautiful high valley, 900 meters above sea level. The town is home to some 800 permanent residents, along with many satisfied guests every year. Flanked by mountains, and at the foot of the Tennengebirge, it offers everything a hiker’s heart could possibly desire. Friendly huts that defy the passage of time, alpine pastures teeming with riches, 80 km of hiking paths, craggy peaks, and unique mountain panoramas.

For guests: relaxing strolls, Nordic walking, mountain hikes, challenging mountaineering and rock-climbing tours, or simply pure relaxation far removed from the hustle and bustle found elsewhere. Werfenweng is THE place in Austria to slow down the pace of your hectic life. Here, there is no stress, no “musts” or “ought-tos” – at least not for the holidaymakers!

In recent years, Werfenweng has made quite a name for itself far beyond Salzburg’s borders, as the home of a model project known as “Gentle Mobility”. No car? Never a problem here in Werfenweng for guests who book a stay at a SAMO (“Gentle Mobility”) business. You simply travel in by train, or deposit your car keys in the safekeeping of the tourist office for the duration of your stay.

In exchange, you will enjoy lots of benefits, including free transfer for rail travelers from and to the stations in Bischofshofen and Pfarrwerfen; Elois, a private shuttle service, a night taxi, the Werfenweng Shuttle, plus many alternative fun-vehicles for eco-friendly local transportation. Bicycles are also available to borrow for free, of course. In addition, there are guided hikes, all kinds of discounts and so much more..

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Contact Info:

Tourismusverband Werfenweng
Weng 42
A-5453 Werfenweng

Phone: +43 6466 4200
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