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Salzburger Sportwelt

This city, which reached its heyday in the Middle Ages, has lost none of its fascination.  A true paradise for recreation during your holidays: vibrant history, warm hospitality, excellent cuisine, pristine nature. To the north the Dachstein, in the south the Radstädter Tauern, and between the two a medieval town in the Salzburger Sportwelt.

With this as your starting point, a mountain world reveals itself that is quite beyond compare. If you make your way to the top of the 1800-meter Rossbrand – which, incidentally, can also be reached effortlessly in a car – you are treated to a panorama encompassing over 150 alpine peaks. Extending out from Radstadt is a network of clearly marked and well-maintained hiking routes. Radstadt is a meeting point for excursions to fascinating natural wonders such as Liechtenstein Gorge, giant ice caves and the Dachstein Glacier.

History & Recreation

Despite all the developments which have shaped this town, Radstadt proudly embraces its roots and its history. If you are well grounded in your own history, you remain true to who you really area. A motto here that couldn’t be more on the mark. The most important event dates in summer are:

  • The Paul Hofhaimer Culture Days
  • The dumpling festival and Gardefest,
  • children’s festivals,
  • Harvest Festival,
  • an arts & crafts market,
  • Tours with the night watchman

Aside from hiking, cycling and golf, Radstadt has something to appeal to practically every sporting preference: the Alpine Outdoor Pool, 9 tennis courts, an indoor tennis center, two riding stables with arena and jumping course, mini golf, beach-volleyball court, a Skatepark and much more.

Contact Info:

Tourismusverband Radstadt
Stadtplatz 17
A-5550 Radstadt

Phone: +43 6452 7472
E-Mail: info@radstadt.com

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