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Salzburger Sportwelt

My most beautiful place...

The mountain village of Filzmoos is a small, picturesque spot set amid the imposing mountain world of the Bischofsmütze and Dachstein. The magnificent landscapes in and around Filzmoos offer a contrast between majestic mountains, gentle alpine meadows, rushing wildwater streams and tranquil lakes. Perfect, in other words, to test your limits and turn your back on the daily routine for a while. You feel nature with all of your senses, your dreams know no bounds, time is endless, the tranquility immediate. During a mountain holiday in Filzmoos, you can easily unite adventure and total relaxation. Mountain masses, folk music, tame marmots, homecoming festivals.

The ski slopes are rated blue, red or black depending on difficulty, a tradition that goes way back. Now hikers, too, have additional assistance in choosing the route best suited to them.

Something for everyone

In Filzmoos, depending on their physical condition and their mood, hikers can always count on setting out on the right path. “Blue” stands for leisurely hikes, also suitable for families; red markings are for those with loftier sporting ambitions; black trails, on the other hand, should only be attempted by experienced hikers with a hiking guide. All of the trails are clearly marked, not just on the actual trail markers, but also in the hiking guide book. A hiking bus makes it easier to choose an attractive route from the array of options available to you.
The prospect of circumnavigating the Dachstein also draws mountain bikers to Filzmoos. The excellent food as well as the swimming pool and sauna in the Filzmoos leisure park are a true delight after an extended all-day expedition. 

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