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Hiking trails in Salzburg, Austria



All hiking paths in the SalzburgerLand are clearly marked and a memorable experience for young and old.  Fill your SalzburgerLand hiking vacation with countless hikes along the length of the Salzburger Almenweg. Though the Salzburger Almenweg makes its way through all regions of the SalzburgerLand, it actually consists of numerous shorter hiking stages with interesting variants along the way.

Salzburg's theme trails are not part of the Salzburger Almenweg, but they are also fantastic hiking opportunities.  They are so compelling, so diverse and informative, that they are fairly regarded as some of the top attractions that Salzburg province has to offer.

Learn more about the history of ski jumping as you stroll the self-guided Ski-Jumping Path in Bischofshofen. A thousand paces long, the Millennium Path informs you all about the history of Austria, the SalzburgerLand and Radstadt. During a theme walk in the SalzburgerLand in Austria, you have a priceless opportunity to learn about the delicate balance that exists in the alpine countryside, and about how it is impacted by mankind.

Gems of natural beauty

As you walk a hiking path through the Flachgau, allow your thoughts to roam to this area's countless precious gems of natural beauty, all the while discovering renewed strength for your ultimate return to the hectic outside world. Meditate atop the Hochgründeck, walk along the Peace Path, or learn how these mountains were first created as you hike to the shores of the Rupertisee in Wagrain.

You and your children will also be able to learn a lesson or two about the world of ants, as you enjoy a hike through the hill country surrounding Filzmoos.  If you are more interested in plants and trees, the self-guided nature trail at the Hofalm in Filzmoos is probably perfect for you. Immerse yourself in the world of legend that is the Gastein Valley, or discover the natural beauty of the Pongau during a hike that takes you to 5 different alpine huts.

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