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Hiking in Austria – The Salzburger Almenweg

During its 350 km-long journey through the mountain world of the Pongau region, the Salzburger Almenweg leads to over 120 alpine huts in Salzburg, Austria. A one-of-a-kind concentration of alpine huts boasted by no other Austrian province than the SalzburgerLand. Having a good memory certainly doesn't hurt, especially since every hill farm and every alpine hut has its own name. None is like the other.  Yet in every single one of them, you are welcomed with the same authentic brand of heartfelt hospitality. And also, of course, by mouthwatering specialties of the hill country including fresh milk, cheese, butter, cream cheese, yoghurt, bread, bacon and home-distilled schnapps. Amongst the huts located along the Salzburger Almenweg, you will come across such evocative names as the Bürgerbergalm, Buttermilchalm and Schlossalm, but also less known ones such as the Weissenhofalm, Fallhausalm and Kögerlalm, all of which are true inside tips in the hiking fraternity.

Austrian celebrities hiking in Salzburg Austria

"Hiking through the Pongau along the Salzburger Almenweg is a wonderful experience.  It combines physical challenges, along with encounters with other people, with nature and culture.  Taking a refreshment break at one of the often rather modest trail-side huts is an opportunity to discover delicious alpine specialties and other unique features.
And on the way there, Mother Nature shows us many of her treasures, frequently for just a brief moment.  It was to capture such moments and to experience so much more, that the Salzburger Almenweg was created.
Who knows, maybe we will bump into each other along the way, too! 
I hope you enjoy this trail every bit as much as I do !“

Herbert Gschwendtner, TV moderator and author, Werfenweng

"I enjoy the summer in the mountains of my native region, the Flachau. The fantastic scenery of the Pongau and the glorious countryside reenergize me. I highly recommend getting started with a relaxing ride up on the lifts.  I hope you enjoy this place I am so proud to call home.  Maybe we will see each other out on the trail!"
Hermann Maier, ski super star, Flachau

"Nowhere else will you ever experience the boundless amazement of creation better, than out in the open countryside" - I love to take a walk for one or two hours during the afternoon. It gives me strength for the evening ahead."
Johanna Maier, 3-star female chef, Filzmoos

"Sport has always been an important part of my life.  When I want to be physically active, I take advantage of Pongau hiking trails to keep in shape - I currently use this wonderful mountain world as a means to recharge my batteries and escape the daily routine. The ideal elevations of the hiking paths provide a perfect combination of exercise and enjoyment".
Toni Polster, soccer legend

In addition to the variety of culinary creations, the wealth of visual experiences also knows no bounds: I'd suggest that, whenever the mood takes you, you simply stop, relax, lean back and allow the views to work their wonders on you: the Bischofsmütze, Dachstein, Tennengebirge and Hochkönig, as well as the 3,000-meter peaks of the Hohe Tauern, blanketed in eternal ice, are constant companions of hikers along the Salzburger Almenweg. Experience the hiking trails in Salzburg and find your perfect accommodation at the online enquiry.